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I'm sweating. Not because it's hot. The temperature at the moment in Chennai at not that bad as it swings about 20 degrees. Well, not hot in relations to the normal Chennai weather the rest of the year. December and January are the months to be here. From now on, it's only going up. See you soon 40 degrees. 

No, I'm sweating due to exercising. Not much to be honest. But a little is better than none. Keon really helped me getting on to actually exercising and not only just trying to eat...with moderations. Not proper eating - as I'm nowhere near proper. But I do watch out and cut down on what I can cut down on. The double edge of living in Chennai is that it's harder than Denmark or other western cultures to get junk-food. But on other side it's hard to get proper food too. They hardly have anything we can call supermarkets. Just small convenient store where food consists of rice and chicken - with spices and small side-dishes. Chicken is good. But...not all the time. 
But I'll manage - can always order out. I try not to concern myself about things I can't do anything about and instead try to see what else can be done. Even if it's a hassle. All part of living and learning. 

I'm still not really settled here. Missing all my stuff from Denmark and I'm looking for a new place to live as this is above my budget and below my expectations. I know I can get better for my money and don't want to be ripped off - as everyone is trying to do down here. Ripping me off. 
Example: when taking an auto down here and the drivers "friend" sits next to you, then expect a tip after the ride for talking to you. And the driver tries to get more than agreed. You get used to it. Still annoying - but what can you do? It's in their culture - "White people are rich and don't know our ways so we can charge them for everything!"

Hmmm....sounds like I'm aggravated. Maybe a little. Probably because I realize now how lonely it can be here. It will only be so in the beginning as I'll hopefully will get to know others done the line. The effect is amplified by that it's hard to communicate with everyone around you - if not impossible sometimes. And that everything is so...different. 

Also got some minor annoyances with work and friends. But nothing that won't be sorted out by some proper communications and actions. 

I'm a little cooled down now - so I'll hit the showers. A shower always makes life better. Not that my life isn't awesome - but it can always be improved. Internal and externally. 

Alright. I’m slowly getting there. And there is the sense of “my place” when wandering around my apartment. I still yearn for the day when all my stuff from Denmark gets here so I can get an even more sense of home.

Though there are still a lot of things to take into considerations; A steady supply of water for example.
Also I’m not interesting in buying a 2 liter bottle every day to carry home.

And then the two big things:
1.       Cook
2.       Car with driver

Seems the company is getting it hard to understand how to cater a single man that’s not interesting in eating exactly at 7 pm every day without the option of opting out.

My hope was just someone to call, maybe a day in advance, to cook for me.

But it’s all or nothing so far. Hopefully it can be changed. Otherwise I’m cooking myself. And hey, there's worse problems in the world.

The car with the driver should be in house very soon. One dedicated car and driver to assist me 6 days a week (he needs family time too…apparently). That’s very luxurious. I like it! (Also got a maid to clean! Sweeeet!)

So almost good here in Chennai. I’m trying to get into some expat communities down here, so I have someone to talk to other than my colleagues. Just have to find them. I know they’re there…somewhere.

I’ll make sure to get some pictures up soon. Forgot to take some this weekend when I was home while the sun was shining. I’ll make sure to get some next time!

And work is also getting really interesting. And rewarding. It's wonderful to live so thrilled about what you do again. It makes the world more colourful. 

But other than that nothing out of the ordinary so far – except living in a new country that is. But it’s so huge now to actually be odd, if that makes sense. Just trying to get a bit of steadiness incorporated into my life.

Planning on visiting Denmark in November for a week. Staying at Scandic Hotels (that’s where the Maersk Drilling Christmas party is going to be held). Mehehe. 

So, I’m packed. My room has been cleared, all stuff removed by the movers and keys on the table. And I’m sitting at the Adina hotel, typing this after having had a wonderful bath in the tub filled with some bath salts. And therefore I’m lightly lemon scented at the moment.

The sun has set and the room is sparsely lit even with the many lamps humming. It's quiet and peaceful, red furniture dots the room and I'm all alone. Just need one more thing to make this an amazing (and fun) night. But that I will have to work on when getting back to Denmark. Or maybe it will happen while I’m away? Who knows anyway? I’ll just embrace life as it comes.

But soon I will sleep, wake up, drive to the airport and hop on the plane, holding my one-way ticket and hoping things will work out. So far, thing have. Not always the way I wanted – but I’ve always moved forward in my life. Trying hard not to step over anyone or be a bother.

And now I’m standing on the threshold of one of my biggest adventures. Something I never thought would have happened to me. Actually being a manager and asked to live in another country to lead and improve a team. That’s still far out in my mind. A little wacky and crazy. But immensely interesting and tantalizing on the edge of fear. Gets my heart pumping!

I’ve written this before – but my mind can’t really see around it any more. Now I need to get there! Get down there, move into my apartment and start living in Chennai , India. Crazy!

See you all on the flip side! 

And this post my be quite similar to the last - but this really takes up a lot of my mind and time. 

It seems like I got the apartment I wanted in Chennai. 
It's expensive so I need to add some of my own money to it. But at least I would have a good start and I will always have the option of looking for something else while I'm down there.

But...I have a Chennai! What a wicked and far out reality I've stumbled into. 
Going to live in India and lead people is not even remotely close to some of the thoughts I had about my career a couple of years ago. 
Fate, opportunity, luck, skill - all of it 

Never really thought that I would be the one with a career. In the beginning I mostly looked for work that gave me money. And then the next that would give me more. 
Now, the job needs to be interesting! What a wonderful change in what a job is for me. 

Still an odd thought for me to consider myself a leader. I've not seen that many good examples of it at my workplace. Too focused on their own tasks than actually leading. 

But I strive to be the best leader the world has seen! And help my employees surpassing me in skill and career. And be the proud "parent". :D

But India - soon. I aim for the 17. October. Let's see. ^^ 
Yeah - I'm almost out of the country. Still here though, typing a post. 
No exact date yet, but I'm aiming for mid-October. So it is soon!

Next week I'm going for a quick trip to Chennai for no more than three days. I'm going to take a look at some housings they've found for me. I have no idea how big, where, how or the standards for the places. No pictures or anything. Except locations. Which seems to be okay but what do I know about good locations in Chennai?
But it's exciting. Very much so! To pack up and move to another country and especially a country so vastly different than tiny, comfy and safe Denmark. 
It's a thrilling, scary, exciting, nail-biting adventure to throw myself into. 

My contract is for one year with the possiblity for extended it another year. So I might end up staying there for TWO whole years. And that's intimidating. Not sure if it's what I want. 

But I'll try it out. See where it takes me. So far that's my philosophy to life and it's worked out pretty okay. Not where I expected to be - but I guess that's the wonders of life. Living it on Hardcore with no reloads. 

But it's also the best time of my life to do this. Meaning, no car, no house, no girl.

I'm going to miss my friends excruiciating much though (Looking very much at you Sara!). That's going to be the toughest I'll be facing. To be alone in such a foreign place for such a long time! But praise the Internet and it's wonders of Skype. And I imagine I'll make new friends while I'm there.

There's also many plans in my head for what I want to do when I get to India to fill out the spare time I'll be getting. But let's see if I get the time. Well, let's see what choices I make as the correct truth of the matter is. ;) You always have choice and you always have the time. 

New York. A city and vacation that taught and inspired me to do several things. First - travel more. And no worries about doing it alone either. I was worried about not having someone to share my joy with. And there were times where I missed someone who enjoyed the experiences with me. But overall, I managed to be entertained, amused, awed and well-fed quite well by my own. 
So I'm thinking about doing similar trips to see other parts of the world that has been missing due to trying to get everyone on the same boat but planning/willingness/money problems usually getting in the way. 
Not that I won't go on travels with others at all. My best vacation was with my best friend and that was only in Stockholm and for 3 days. So definitely want to do that.
But if it's not possible then I want to go by myself so I get to experience more of the world. And to get away. 

Second - training. I was more busted than I thought I would be. My knee acted up a little in the beginning. Not much, but enough to let me know I wasn't over it. But then it magically went away again. But my back was definitely hurting. Man, I had trouble standing up in the end.
And having another pair of pants ripped two weeks after didn't help either. So another round on the "get in shape" wheel for me. Hoping to land on the lucky number this time so I will stick with it. 
Here's for not letting you down, Future Tommy. 
I've haven't been posting as often as I like - I guess I like, or hope more correctly, for my life to be more eventful  and allow me to post the most interesting stories and anecdotes of the week that has been.
But I'm not really complaining - I don't like it too eventful. A careful balancing act of what you want and what you need. And I don't need a life full of breathtaking adventure every week. Now and then is good - so I'll post now and then again. And not feel so bad about it all.

I remember getting out of 9th grade. Or more correctly, nearing the end of 9th grade. I really didn't feel like studying. Learning was interesting - but I never got the knack or interest in studying. And I had no idea what I wanted with life. So I went with a couple of friends on to next level of public school: 10th grade!
And what a dull year that was. Well - in terms of getting something out of it. I just got more bored of school by that year. No change in that year. And I had to do something after 10th grade. No more easy rides.

So I went to HH. My thoughts behind starting my HH educations is "HH is respected when applying for jobs, and jobs give money and I would like to have money." So off I went. HH did actually interest me. I had a wonderful algebra teacher and it was heavy duty stuff (for me). B-level math. She actually made math interesting and fun. And I relished the days when she praised my work or comments - and felt shamed when I neglected. But never so if not knowing an answer. 'It will come.'
So HH 1st year was excellent. My world expanding with partying, new friends and new view from new friends. It was an immense bucket of input that rolled over me.
Byt 2nd year of HH was not so fun. My math teacher didn't hop along as she changed schools. The new one was the complete opposites of what I was used to and loved. He was more concerned about the setup of your work than the work itself. And I hated that. I remember that many of my grades got lowered due to a missing line or not enough space between numbers or the like. It was an unjust and horrible that learning was second-violin or acting as "secondary littérateur".
So when I learned of a technical education called back then "Datamechanic" that took five years and took you through all the steps of supporting, administrating and designing IT systems I bid my goodbye to HH and joined a new world of interesting things. 
One of the things that are taking up a lot of my world at the moment is my work. A lot of things are happening, ideas being born and raised, passion funneled and focused. And my own scope of where I want to be is getting shaped.

I believe many feel a career is a bad thing to pursue. Something that goes in the way of living your life. My life is lived by my joy of it. I enjoy taking on these tremendous tasks and giving it a arm and a leg to get there. But that's assured with the knowledge that I won't be running so fast all the time. A lesson learned on the chessboard of work. Think ahead, plan ahead and make sure you won't be trapped by your own movements when it comes to take down the king.

But when I get my work done, it fills me with joy and sense of accomplishment. But it can also haunt me when there's thing left undone or not up to the level I want it to be. There can be many reasons - time is the prime one. But negligence is also there. Or forgetting something. And I do so hate a haunting conscience, whispering into my ear "Shouldn't have done that" or "Didn't you forget something?".
It's a part of everything aspects of life though. As far as I've learned. Future Tommy, feel free to correct me. But you'll never really have a bad-conscience free life. There's always something you could've done extra - or forgot. In school, with friends, with family, with hobbies, with payment, with planning...etc.
The important thing is how to process that bad conscience. Should it be allowed it whisper freely and fester bad times?

No, it shouldn't.

I deal with it by cataloging it. If I couldn't do things differently by the time and information, then is should bugger off and it's shelved on some dusty old place. If I should have known better it get a fine little platter on a frame, hanging in the living-room of my mind. Something to learn from and improve. I try not to regret the past but learn from my mistakes. That's my way.

Don't like back with regrets, future Tommy. Be happy with your life - because it's good. The beginning of it has been good. And that's one heck of a head-start I'm giving you.

Going to NY soon, mate. WHEE! First time out of many. Tell me of the other times. 
So we've managed to get into 2011 - alive and kicking. That's not too bad. Being alive is still a top goal of mine.

A tendency I do - and mostly everyone does, is looking back at the year before and see what did happen there.

My girlfriend and I separated, sold our apartment, I moved into a room in a new apartment where I live with two others, got promoted at my work, lost a friend, almost lost another, grew a stronger friendship with others and did a lot of reflecting.
Not a year of many wins if I have to do the tally. But not a bad year either. You have to fall before you can learn to stand up.

And a new year is also a new start - or a fresh start. A redo, do-over, continue-button, reload, insert coin to continue chance of a time in your life. Either you do something about the things you failed at or you do not. Life is all about choices. Either we do something or we do not. Either we accept or deny.
There's no middle-way. And my promise to myself this year is to know and understand my choices. I believe that knowing them I'll know more about what I want (in the long run - the short run is easy).

So future Tommy, what's the verdict in 2012? Did you learn something? Did you improve? If not, I'll be disappointed.
Remember to look this post up. And see if you'll understand it at all in a year from now. I'm a little confused myself. ;)
I'm sitting in the Munich airport. Arrived around eight in the morning after an nine hour flight from Mumbai airport. I hoped last night that I would be home by now. But it seems that winter time has hit Europe while I was away with more force than a freshly opened surströmming. 
And as always, snow forces people to rethink their current battle on the "snow vs. traffic" and shut down airports while doing so. 

Making Henrik (our consultant) and me wait in Mumbai for our plane for an extra one hour and 45 minutes. And then arriving to a very crowded Munich airport. Waited in line for approx. two hours and then the only ticket to DK was six hours later. So, all in all, I believe I've been awake more than 24 hours. Brain not smart now, so sorry in advance for whatever nonsense I write. Or, not sorry. My blog!

We went down there to look into our current servicedesk setup - due to heavy assaults from the business about less than excellent service and support. Incredible interesting and learning week. Having Henrik as a sparring partner was really good. With everything my management has put on my shoulders it has been great with him for input. 
But also a intense week. Really intense. Had about 5 hours in average every week. Meetings, presentations, dialog, walking around, driving around, chatting and exchanging business cards in the millions. 
But hopefully this trip has started the work on a foundation that will allow me(us) to focus on the more necessary things . But you can't dismiss networking. It won't work in this world. 
I feel positive about my work. It's demanding - but I also demand a lot. 
And the winner so far has not been announced.